The Traveling Door

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Join us as we track the progress of our Traveling Friendship Door. It's on its way across America!

May 2012

Has anybody seen our door? It's wandering around the Midwest somewhere. If you've seen it, know of it or have it, please let us know at

April 2011

The Traveling Door is still missing in action.

October 2010

Well, the door seems to have gone missing again. We know it's out there somewhere in the heartland of America and hope that whoever has it will let us know and then pass it on to another club and keep the tradition alive.

August 2008

The Buckles and Bows of Spearfish SD (J) received the Door from the Promenaders in September 2007, and passed it on to Chuck & Debbie Veldhuizen of Sioux City Iowa (K) on July 26, 2008. Chuck & Debbie - we hope we spelled your last name correctly!

July 15, 2007
We received a postcard form the Promenaders of Rawlings, WY (I) that they received the Door on May 1, 2007 and passed it on to the Promenaders of Hot Springs, SD (J) on July 15, 2007. Looks like we're on the road again!!

April 14, 2007

The door is on its way again. Our April caller, Kathy Racine, graciously accepted the Door and said that she would be happy to take it back to her home town, Salt Lake City Utah (H), and send it on its way from there.

In the photo at left, Kathy and her husband are shown receiving the Traveling Friendship Door from Happy Squares Deputy Sheriff Ron Caldwell.
Traveling Door-041507.jpg
3/2007 - THE DOOR IS BACK! The Couerly Q's sent the door back to us. Guess they were unable to pass it along further. Well, we thank them for sending it home! After a little refurbishment, we'll send it on its way again soon.
8/30/06 - Well, we haven't heard from the Couerly Q's, so we're not sure where the door is now. Hopefully, we find out soon!
10/29/05 - The Montana Mavericks of Plains, MT (F) passed the door on to the Coeurly Q's of Coeur d'Alene, ID (G) on October 29! The journey continues!
9/10/05 - The Olympia WA Do-Si-Do's passed the door on to the Montana Mavericks. We're not sure what city the Mavericks dance in, but we're trying to find out! Stay tuned!
7/9/05 - Back to the Northwest - Bill Odam, a caller from Olympia WA (E) received the door from the Killeen Kickers and  has passed it on to the Olympia Do Si Do's.
12-17-04 - Waltzing across Texas -  We received a postcard from Kathy & Bill Patterson that the Shooting Stars have passed the door to the Killeen Kickers of Killeen, Texas (D)
7/16/04 - Hooray! We received a postcard from Connie Bissell of Lantz's Dantzers of Medford that they had passed the door on to the Shooting Stars of Waco, Texas (C)!
6/23/04 - We were sorry to learn that the Ramblin' Rogues have stopped dancing as a club. However, we received a post card from the Star Promenaders, also of Medford, that they had received the door from a Ramblin' Rogues couple and were going to be taking it to McCloud Dance Country.
3/28/04 - Well, we haven't received any confirmation that the door has reached the Ramblin' Rogues club in Medford, Oregon (B). We're trying to locate a contact for that club to see what happened to the door.

Travelling Door Presentation

2004 Happy Squares Club President Jerry Park (l) presents
the Traveling Friendship Door
to Jim Baldwin of the Ramblin' Rogues of Medford, OR
at our Club Dance on January 10, 2004.

If you've received the Traveling Door and there are no more postcards to send back to notify us of the next club in our journey, please send an e-mail to: and we'll be happy to send a new supply to include with the door.